Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids' Personal Playlist

The California indie rockers tell us which songs they've got on heavy rotation.

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  • "The Good Ones" by The Kills
  • "Single Life" by Pink Mountaintops
  • "Ghost Rider" by Suicide
  • "Us V Them" by LCD Soundsystem
  • "Dance in the Dark" by Lady GaGa
  • "Finger Lickin' Good" by Beastie Boys
  • "Daddy's Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car" by U2
  • "Idioteque" by Radiohead
  • "Ceremony" by New Order
  • "Street Life" by Roxy Music
  • "DARE" (Soulwax Remix) by Gorillaz
  • "The Magnificent Seven" by The Clash
  • "Tomorrow Never Knows" by The Beatles
  • "Welcome to the Occupation" by Cold War Kids
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