Reggie Bush Fitness App

Reggie Bush Wants to Train You

In his new interactive app, the NFL star coaches you through his strength routine.

Although you may not regularly have a need to break a tackle or carry a football 10 yards dragging a 250 pound man behind you, why not look like someone who can? Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush's new workout app ($4.99; can help you do just that. Watch Bush demonstrate some of his favorite moves (there are a variety of levels), then, using Vstrator, a new online video analysis platform that allows you to record your movements, he will check your form. 

We think he's more than qualified. As he told Q over an off-season workout at Sun Life Stadium, "[Working out] is part of my job. It's who I am. It's what I do." After Bush helps you master the basics, create your own custom workout based on your favorite moves. You'll be ready for your pads in no time.