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British designer and architect of luxury Kelly Hoppen assembles a bedroom made for sleeping.

While last week we sang the praises of the nap, when time allows, nothing beats going for a blissful eight hours. But due to the varying stresses and anxieties of modern life, a perfect night’s sleep is a daily challenge for many. With this in mind, world-renowned interior designer Kelly Hoppen has, using a selection of neutral colors, crisp linens and soft lighting, created an array of beautiful and relaxing sanctuaries in which her A-list clients (Victoria and David Beckham among them) can drift away. So we asked her to share the elements that make for the most restful, luxurious night's sleep possible. Here, the bedroom according to Kelly:

Duxiana bed

Duxiana Bed + Kelly Hoppen linens

"Having a great bed and good bed linens are essential for a perfect night’s sleep. My favorite bed brand is Duxiana and I use bed linen from my QVC collection. I love the 600 or 700 thread count sheets and duvet covers; the more you wash them, the softer they become."

feather bed

Mattress topper

"I’m a big fan of these for extra comfort. My feather bed topper feels luxurious and is perfect in winter for extra warmth."

Ginger Lily goose down pillows

Ginger Lily goose down pillows

"Comfortable pillows are also a must. I like the Ginger Lily goose down pillows; they provide great support for my head and neck."

Kelly Hoppen QVC

Hermes + Kelly Hoppen throws

"One thing that I can’t do without are my throws; they keep my bed warm. I have my favorites, either one of the throws I’ve designed from my QVC collection or my Hermes throw. They are luxurious, feel great to the touch and add the perfect texture to my bedroom."

Pukka night tea

Pukka tea

"I normally have a Pukka night tea at bed time, except for Saturday’s when I have a hot chocolate. It's my daughter’s Honestly Healthy recipe, which I love: Coconut milk, raw cacao powder, raw cashews and agave — its delicious and practically guilt free!"

linda meredith amazon cream

Linda Meredith Amazon night cream

"I like to keep my skin moisturized and nourished while I sleep. This smells great and helps to prepare and protect my skin for the next day."



"Doctor Joshi’s vitamins help me get the most out of my sleep and keep my body in harmony. I wake up feeling full of energy in the mornings. Needless to say, exercise and hard work are also great for good sleep!"


Photography by Yasu & Junko / Trunk Archive

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