Shiny Toy Guns

Shiny Toy Guns Playlist

The LA-based electronic rockers escort you on a unique audio journey through their workout mix.

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  • "Empty Room" by Arcade Fire

    ("Using a powerful, dynamic combination of the dual-force male/female vocal attack, this song stirs the brain and keeps passion at a high level. Good downhill vibes.") test
  • "Here Comes Cowboys" by The Psychedelic Furs

    ("Though the mastering of this song is so terrible it's 9 db lower than anything else released after this record, this song retains that pushing-8th-note pulse that was very common in the English/Manchester vibe of its day. Will keep the calories burning as you picture real live cowboys?")
  • "Year One, One Ufo" by M83

    ("This track off the new M83 album seems to be the perfect match up for the end of a long journey, whether it be at the gym or on the trail or what have you. It rises and falls and keeps a steady sort of optimistic fire burning through the song. Also comes complete with an unnecessary dramatic ending. We love those.")
  • "Shave It Up" by Zedd

    (“Time to step it up a notch. This song brings a driving synth/lead stabby vibe with a nice productive pattern of percussion to give you the rhythm you need to stay steady and active in your current state of workout-ness, and if you have things that you need to shave when you get home, this song will help motivate you to get that razor out and get those hairs a-flyin.”)
  • “This Could All Be Yours” by Guster

    “Continuing the push for an optimistic blend of music to push your body down the road, Guster delivers this classic all-American song. Motivating and bouncy and all smiles for miles.”
  • “Me and You” by Nero

    (“The British dubstep leader created this song a couple of years ago. Nero always brings an element of melody and vocal into his tracks keeping things kosher for all different kinds of people who may or may not be into electronic music. Great treadmill vibe song.”)
  • “Reckoner” by Radiohead

    (“This is for the early morning. Fog rolling down the hills of Hollywood as the sun wraps its rays around the point of the Capitol Records building. The constant and hypnotizing percussion of this song will cause you to think about things while you run; your life plans. Deep stuff.”)
  • “Put Me On” by Diamond Rings

    (“This new artist out of Toronto has thrown a strike with this entire album. This song brings some sex into your workout. Makes you feel like a little badass. Great for running or the treadmill.”)
  • "Time" by Hans Zimmer

    (“Nothing will search your heart deeper than this miracle of modern film soundtracks…the key heartbeat audio to the movie 'Inception'. Though not something very rhythmic, the inspiration derived from this song will cause you to be able to lift cars over your head.”)
  • “Celestica” by Crystal Castles

    (“This Montreal duo delivers what we think is their most commercial song to date. This doll-like song carries a certain magical drive about it. Would be great to listen to when its cold outside and you have your favorite hoodie on.”)
  • “Blue Monday” by New Order

    (“Like the 'that’s what she said' tag line you still say to your friends, Blue Monday will never, ever get old. A perfect song. A perfect workout song. Probably the only song in the world that is instantly recognizable from its kick drum only.”)
  • “Silver Moon” by Donkeyboy

    (“This Scandinavian pop group delivers a perfect song for some night jogging vibes if you are a nocturnal gym person. It has that slick club feeling that will lend a hand if you're pretending that you're working out wearing all patent leather.”)
  • “Saints of Los Angeles” by Motley Crue

    (“One of the only bands to successfully write a song again after the great flushing of rock and roll many years ago. This truly Motley song will not send you back to the eighties; it’s just a solid rock and roll song to keep your blood flowing.”)
  • "Bedroom Eyes” by Dum Dum Girls

    (“This is a motivational song on the love level. If you are single or desperately looking for something on the passion level, this song will pull and tug on you to try to improve things. Keep that incline going up girl!”)
  • “Somewhere To Hide” by Shiny Toy Guns

    (“Somewhere to Hide is our bright and rosy pop gem, track one of the new Shiny Toy Guns record. It’s a love story of a Romeo and Juliet nature; where what's forbidden is what is most sought. Go get a drink of water when the song's over. You deserve it!”)

Photography by Benjy Russell