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The New Yoga Line We Can't Wait to See on the Mat

Yogasmoga is not your average gym wear.

In what may seem like an overcrowded marketplace, we're making room on our mats for new yoga and active wear line YOGASMOGA. Launching today from NYC, the brand is the brainchild of devout yogi (and Equinoxer) Rishi Bali who set out to produce garments that truly performed. "While we work with the most technically advanced fabric and manufacturing technologies, we also pursue a relentless focus on the traditions of yoga," says Bali. "We think of ourselves as a yoga and wellness company that happens to make apparel and other products."

But those products are most certainly not an afterthought. Each garment has been carefully dyed with eco-friendly pigment to reduce the brand's carbon footprint. We're loving the Yantra tank that stays in check no matter what the pose and the unbelievably flattering Classic Slimmie Pant. And though Yogasmoga is currently for ladies only, gear for guys is coming soon. 

Who doesn't wish they lived the yogi lifestyle? Here's a little inspiration from the brand: "Did You Take a Breath Today?"