3D Printing

The 3D Printer Has Arrived

This game-changing technology gives DIY new meaning.

It may sound a little George Jetson, but the 3D printing revolution is well underway. Just this week, tech junkies gathered at the Inside 3D Printing conference and expo at New York City's Javits Center, where experts in the field discussed what's next for this crazy-cool technology. (A quick primer on how it works: You use software to create a 3D image on your computer, and the high-tech machine "prints" the object by layering wafer-thin slices of materials like plastic and glass atop one another.) 

They're being heralded as the future of architecture, design, and fashion, with at-home versions costing would-be inventors between $1400 and $2800. But perhaps the most promising application is in the medical field, where the machines can be used to create everything from skin tissue to prosthetic limbs to, possibly, organs. 

Until you can fashion your own fascia, you'll have to rely on fitness to build a bionic body. Here's some help. 

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