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Power Lunch: Dan Peres

How the Editor in Chief of DETAILS magazine fuels his decision-making days.

Whether you're a brown-bagger or frequent the same sandwich shop day after day, chances are, your lunch could use some inspiration. We asked some of our favorite creative thinkers and tastemakers to share the midday meals that fuel their above-average days. Here, the third installment in our Power Lunch series. 

Dan Peres, the stylish, mostly-vegetarian editor in chief of DETAILS, has been at the helm of the men’s magazine since 2000. But after more than a decade of overseeing the magazine’s cutting-edge fashion and lifestyle coverage, he remains a self-described “creature of habit” when it comes to choosing a midday meal.

“I’m primarily a vegetarian and am really committed to clean eating. That said, if one of my kids has a particularly good-looking chicken finger, I’ll pull the trigger.

On weekdays I get hungry early – around 11:30 am – and want a lunch that’s filling and light. If I go down to the Conde Nast cafeteria, I usually opt for a veggie burger with a slice of Swiss cheese and avocado on seven-grain toast. If I decide to head out and brave crowds of Times Square tourists, I go to Green Symphony and make my own custom salad, usually a quinoa salad with roasted vegetables or an edamame salad.

I usually bookend my lunch with snacks – a piece of fruit, like an apple, in the morning and a KIND bar or some home-roasted almonds in the afternoon. I spend my days making decisions, so I need to be sure my diet keeps me sharp and attentive.” 

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