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Power Lunch: Laurel Pantin

Lucky magazine's Market Editor curates a lunch with kick.

Whether you're a brown-bagger or frequent the same sandwich shop day after day, chances are, your lunch could use some inspiration. We asked some of our favorite creative thinkers and tastemakers to share the midday meals that fuel their above-average days. Here, the fifth installment in our Power Lunch series. 

You might recognize Lucky magazine’s new Market Editor Laurel Pantin as a street style darling of New York Fashion Week. Pantin describes her personal style as “Tomboy Americana”—think jumpsuits and other incredibly live-able forms of fashion that let her spend workdays going from one designer showroom to another and calling in covetable items from designers in New York and London to appear on the magazine’s fashion pages.

Pantin moved to Lucky this summer after stints at other fashion publishing powerhouses like Teen Vogue and Glamour. Her after-hours exercise resume is just as impressive: She populates her week with runs, yoga, and weight-lifting sessions, and always schedules one day off for resting and recovery. 

But even fashion folks need lunch breaks: Pantin’s happen at the Frank Gehry-designed cafeteria at Conde Nast’s Times Square headquarters. Her strategy? Head straight to the salad bar and whip up something that’s as unique and unfailing as her personal style.

“I eat pretty much exactly the same thing every day: A kale salad with tofu, broccoli, tomato, jalapeno, raisins, avocado, and red wine vinegar. Then I put tons of wasabi peas and sriracha sauce on it—I love spicy food.

Usually I try to wait until at least 12:30 to eat lunch, but right now I’m training for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco, so if I run or exercise in the morning I might only make it until 11:45. But the kale salad is always my go-to because it’s filling, spicy, covers all of my nutritional bases, and doesn’t make me sleepy when I eat it. I prefer a salad to a sandwich because a salad takes longer to eat. When I get a sandwich I just wolf it down, and then I’m sad that lunch is over!”